Street Painting Festival (BLOG).


Guys the pictures I have below of the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth Florida don’t do it justice. The amount of hours, love and dedication each and every artist puts into each painting is beyond me. Have in mind they are painting while in South Florida hot weather and although the event take places towards the end of January it can easily get to 80 °F which can get very hot very quick, specially if you have the sun scorching down upon you . Each years many (by many I would easily say around 1 to 2 hundred) artists gather in the streets of downtown Lake Worth, Florida to show case their love for art, and many (by many I mean hundred of thousands) spectators like myself gather to observe the beauty. I have been going to this festival for the past 4 years so the pictures below are a good accumulation of many years of admiring their hard work.

The Hulk.

Inside Out.

The Little Mermaid.

Cheek to Cheek – Romero Britto.

Nico my nephew as fresh as they come.

Original art.

Jurassic Park.

Minnie & Mickey watching the sunset.


Original art.


Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Original Art.

Original Art.

Before I die …. ( a huge black chalk board, where people wrote what they intend on doing before they die)

Selfie in front of Before I die black chalk board, with my newphew and Cami.

Cami and a beautiful original art behind her.

Indian Goddess Kali.

The Advengers.

Cami and Sebastian (true love)

Namaste (my all favorite).


Orginial art.

Full festival.

Original Art.

Cami & Sebastian (so little those two)


Still working hard on King Kong 🙂

Another King Kong painting.

Original painting.

Help me Batman (me).

Help me Batman (Sebastian).

Help me Batman (Cami).

Still in works with Beauty & the Beast.

The Mad Hatter.

Original art.

Ursula and Cami.

Original art.

Fresh off the Oscar’s Red Carpet (Cami).

Fresh off the Oscar’s Red Carpet (Sebastian).


Cami and a shark.

Finding Nemo.


Still working on a beautiful Indian Goddess inspired.

Skull de los muertos.

Original art.

Sponge Bob Square Pants and the kiddos.

Iron Man.

Lady, the Tramp and Cami.

Popeye and Sebastian.

Popeye and Cami.

Stay Easie



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