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Reminiscing on Playlist Live 2016 which took place exactly a year ago this past weekend in Orlando Florida. Sad that we couldn’t make it this year to Playlist Live 2017 but we are more than ready to go for Playlist Live 2018 and we plan on going hard when we do so. It was a great experiences and I 1got to meet so many talented and kind YouTube makeup gurus and my #1 YouTube vlogger Roman Atwood and sWooZie (he went around Playlist Live 2016 giving all the ladies roses and my crew and I got his “OH MY DM POPPIN” merch).
Roman Atwood – YouTube Channel:
Nikki Phillippi – YouTube Channel:
Melanie Murphy – YouTube Channel:
Kem Easie – YouTube Channel: https:
Adding my card to a stack at Playlist Live 2016.
Aspyn Ovard – YouTube Channel:
sWooZie – YouTube Channel:
Kem Easie – YouTube Channel: https:  &
I AM KHARUN – YouTube Channel:
Harley Willaiams – YouTube Channel:

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