Mini getaway to the Oldest City in USA … St Augustine, FL (BLOG).


A city full of rich history (not to mentioned the oldest city in the United States of America founded in 1565 by the Spanish) was so much fun to visit. It’s located in the northeast coast of Florida which is only really 3 hours or so away from where I live. We were able to visit Castillo de San Marcos while visiting and to be honest those are the only picture I have of the visit (my camera died on me … and at the time my cell didn’t really take the best pictures) but I do intend to visit again soon because the pictures I have don’t serve the St Augustines Castillo de San Marcos and St Augustine’s Old City any justice. We spent the whole day walking around the Castillo (fortress) and St Augustine Old City while taking in the culture and amazing food. At night we had to do a scary night tour, imagine a city so old has many stores to tell like heroic accounts, love tales  and mostly very creepy anecdotes ( the tour was so much EPIC).

 Cami.  Me

 Best picture I got of the fortress.  Us.

 Cemetery # 1. Cemetery # 2. Old City Gate. Fortress at night # 1  Fortress at night # 1

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and my small narrative of our short but sweet visit to St Augustine Florida.

Stay Easie,



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