Kallisto the new member of the family (BLOG).


My husband and I had been talking about adding a new member to the family for a while now , after a lot of thinking and research we had the pleasure of picking up Kallisto Easie. It was all a surprise for our daughter Camila who had no idea we planned on actually getting her a puppy, which she had begged us a very long time. On the way up to get Kallisto we never really told Camila where we were going or what we were doing and I made sure we didn’t insinuate anything about getting a puppy (which was really hard for me because I am not very good at holding such a juicy secret in, but I tried and I succeeded … for the first time ever I think lol). When we pulled up to the farm where we picked up Kallisto we were surrounded by pigs, goats and chickens. Camila seemed very uncertain and without a doubt she had no idea what was coming. When we went into the barn where Mr. Kallisto was and she laid eyes on him for the first time she was overjoyed and she couldn’t stop smiling. It was love at first sight without a doubt from both of them.

That moment Camila laid her eyes on Kallisto, and her face says it all 🙂

Kallisto’s first picture. The reflection of the sun over his head make it look like a halo 🙂 .

Momma and poppa.

Kallisto says good bye to his family and close friends (pigs, goats and chickens) just moments before we left the farm.

A quick nap on the way home zZzZ.

Kallisto walking into the house for the first time.

After spending so much time in a farm, Kallisto needed a nice shower.

My man looking so fresh and so clean.

Eating can be exhausting … lol.

First and last time he slept in his cage.

Kallisto just relaxing.

I don’t think I have ever meet a more photogenic dog ever.

Loves nothing more than to go on a car ride

Kallisto at 4 months ( he is a true model).

Stay Easie

Love, Cat


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