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Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur (and not just any regular entrepreneur I know I wanted to be huge, a game changer) and I had my awesome dad as a premium example to follow. Never had I seen a man work so hard and achieve financial independence any and everywhere he went no matter what life threw at him. He always knew and still knows what he wants and has always managed to succeeded along the way. So setting goals may seem like a no-brainer for me, but to be honest I found myself struggling when I was asked what my goals were, and I did some research and of course just when you think you are along in this world the Internet proves you wrong lol. So I will be doing a little re-collation of some great articles and videos I read and watched that I know have made a huge impact in how I view setting goals. I am certain they will be useful for all of you who may struggling as well.

So you have two types of goals to set:

  1. Long Term Goal(s) – Achievable within months to years.
  2. Short Term Goals – Achievable within days to weeks. (Stepping stool to help you achieve the Long Term Goal).


Long Term Goal: Live a fit and healthier life style (within 6 months)

Short Term Goals: * Exercise daily. *Eat more veggies and less processed food. *Prep meals and snacks *Have a positive attitude *Get a good night sleep *Drink tons of water … etc

You want to ALWAYS make sure to set only SMART goals



Agreed Upon



Out of sight out of mind, with that said make sure to write down each and every goal. One method I find to be very helpful is carrying a notebook with me at all times which serves a journal where I write down my thoughts and ideas. In the front page I have my goals (both short and long) written in pencil so I can adjust as I go and everyday I read through them so I have a clear mind set of what I want to achieve. Also having post it notes and a visual board in sight are super helpful.

My visual board (I use it for more long term goals).

ALWAYS hold yourself accountable.

Re-evaluate  your goals on a weekly basis in case something needs to be updated, edited or even deleted from your set goals. Don’t be so hard on yourself when doing this and always go with what will bring you closer to your dreams.

Give yourself credit when credit is due, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure for the ladies or go get your car detailed for the fellows (lol) when you have been dedicated and you have shown discipline  towards your goals. I live by “work hard, play hard”.

Now it’s time to achieve all those goals once and for all. Feel free to share below what short or long term goals you have in your notebook currently and what action are you taking to achieve them, I would love to hear.

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