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Allow me to introduce myself I go by the name of Cat Easie and less than 2 year ago I was like every other gal out there with a huge dream. A dream that I carried with me since I was very young. What is that dream you may ask yourself? I dreamed of owning and operating my own business (and super successful one too) I desired nothing more than to be my own boss, make my own schedule, choice what needs to be done and when, be financially independent, and be able to learn and grow through the process with the end result to be able to help and empower others to follow their dreams and not to stop until they achieve them. Although I am not quiet where I want to be I can guarantee you that every day I work hard to make sure I’m one step closer to my dream. is a huge stepping stone in achieving my dream making it a perfect gateway to display my passion for providing my dearest customers (you) with only the best high quality handcrafted customized bags (although I promised that my blog will not be just about my passion for sewing bags, but more about my journey and growth in becoming who I am today. With the good and the bad and pretty and the ugly).

My journey to actually becoming a business owner was not easy (but so far has been beyond rewarding) from the countless hours I spend practicing my art making sure I improved with each and every bag to the point where I knew I was providing a product that would speak for its self. I started with selling on Etsy and for that I’m very grateful. Thanks to Etsy I realized my bags could sell and in return I got a lot of great feedback from satisfied customers. Which has given me great courage to continue with this crazy dream of mine.

I also sold many bags to friends, co-workers and family (my mom would say I could sell ice to an Eskimo and I was meant to be a great business woman since I was little)

I attended a couple of events which had good turn overs and I was able to learn a lot from.

And now I will be working on my website mainly. The fact that you’re reading this blog post makes you a supporter and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you and invite you to follow me on this journey via the blog section of this website.

Stay Easie



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