First cruise ever, and very pleased (BLOG).


I was lucky enough to be able to take my first cruise with most of my family (although we did missed my dad and my mother-in-law). We had so much fun from the moment we boarded this huge cruise. We did  4 nights and 5 days from Port Miami and spent our first afternoon and night at sea as we headed towards Key West Florida while relaxing by the pool side enjoying great company and food. Next morning we arrived at the Keys where we spent several hours walking around from one end of the island to the other while viewing the awesome architecture and enjoying the great vibe an island like Key West has to offer. We went to the Southernmost Point (where it’s said you can see the island of Cuba, I didn’t see anything to be honest other than blue ocean … lol).  After that we walked all across the historical Duval Street in the heart of Key West as we did some shopping and ice cream eating. We then headed towards our cruise ship and spent the rest of our afternoon once again by the pool side with the family. The next day was a full day at sea while we headed to Cozumel Mexico, we  of course, enjoyed a few hours pool side. We also saw a pretty nice retro musical/ comedy which was very entertaining. Later that night after dinner we went to open mic karaoke where Camila (my daughter) and I mustered the courage to lay down several verses as we sang along to Katy Perry and Megan Trainor. The next day we arrived to Port Cozumel, Mexico where we spent pretty much the whole day and I have to say that island was another breath taking experience to say the least. We had reserved a van to take us all on a tour of the island, where we saw many beautiful seaside views of a more rural area of the Cozumel. We also went snorkeling for a little which was a lot of fun but scary at the same time (I never thought I could mix up those two emotions at the same time, but it’s possible …haha). We went to a small town where we saw a few Mayan ruins and got a tour of a tequila manufacturing company. We had an amazing typical Mexican lunch in Cozumel and headed back to the cruise. After our Key West visit, a full day at sea, our visit to Cozumel, Mexico, a lot of good food eating, laughter and even more pool side relaxing in between it was time for our trip to end. From Cozumel, Mexico, we headed back to the Port of Miami while enjoying our last night at sea. It was a great experience and I would totally do it again.  Please enjoy the pictures below.

Arrived at Key West, Florida awaiting to explore the island.

Southernmost Point, Key West, Florida (90 miles to Cuba).

One of the many awesome artsy sculptures Key West, Florida has to offer.

Cami and I signing away to Your lips are moving by Megan Trainor (let me add you are all lucky this is just a picture of the video and not the actual video, cause we were pretty bad and very shy. One thing I can say is I have scratched it off my bucket list).

Right after arriving to Cozumel, Mexico we took a memorable picture with the family and all possible Mexican props 🙂 .

Lupita Guadalupe Easie the new member to the Easie family.

El Cozumel sign in El Mirado which also was accompanied by great views.

Tequila manufacture and tour. I’m not a fan of tequila itself but man do I love the Agave honey.

Mayan ruins in a small town in Cozumel, Mexico.

Our last family picture while heading back to Port Miami.

Ahh and to say the least our last breakfast that morning as we arrived to Port Miami, for some reason we decided to eat out side and it was spectacular to say the least.

Stay Easie,

Love Cat.

Ps- Ohh no wait let me not forget the awesome towel art that was left in our room every chance possible. Can you guys guess what they are, I can see a crab, duck, fish, seal and sting ray … haha



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