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I have loved Disney as far back as I can remember. One of my fondest memories is when my mom and dad would take my brother, sister and myself to Disney World every year (the advantages of growing up close enough to Orlando/ Kissimmee Florida). So it meant a lot to me when as an adult I could take my mother, mother in law, daughter and the love of of my life to visit Mickey himself. We took pretty much a full week off work and left to the land where all dreams come true. We visited Magic Kingdom first, being the biggest and the most jam packed park ( I wanted to take advantage by going on a Thursday which was a less busy day). We had a blast to say the least …


Magic Kingdom entrance 🙂

Cami and I more than ready to hit the park.

my OOTD … had to rep The Little Mermaid (my favorite princess).

The whole gang in front of Cinderellas Castle.


More than ready for Splash Mountain those two would you agree ?

The moment we realized there was no turning back.

Space Mountain line selfie.

Cami and I as ready as they come.

Scared as could be, but so much fun.

I can’t get enough of these two nerds.

Momma walking with Minnie ears (cutest thing ever).

Cami watching a Pirates of the Caribbean show (Captain Jack Sparrow looks and acts just like Sparrow from the movies lol…. love all of the movies) this was after we got the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was loads of fun.

Waiting in line at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.

You are never to old to ride Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel.

Anxiously waiting for Once Upon A Time which is a nighttime show that brings Cinderella Castle to life with projections of beloved Disney scenes and characters, it was amazing and then Happily Ever After fireworks that as usual was breathtaking.

Showing off my Minnie Mouse makeup bag 🙂


Cami while waiting to enter the park day 2 at Disney World 🙂

New Frozen ride (which we ran like crazy to make it before it got packed).

About to enter Mission: SPACE, which made me super dizzy and I had to miss out on Soarin’ ride which I heard was amazing 🙁

The whole family after being inside The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Where we got on boards “clamobile” and went across the ocean looking for Nemo. Saw a 5.7 million-gallon salt water aquarium with so many types of wonderful sean creatures.

My love when visiting Canada, beofre entering to see a video on the big red.


Ah we just happening to stop in Japan and took a selfie.

Momma wanted a pearl necklace, so why not get one fresh from the oyster. After picking which oyster the young lady helping us counted and thought us 1, 2 and 3 in Japanese ワン・ツー・ツリー (Wan tsū tsurī).


While in France … take another selfie … lol

Cami rolling a typical Chinese umbrella while in China.

Cami and I trying to take a selfie, but leave up to momma bear and my dear to photo bomb us …. hahaha.

Posing while in Mexico.

My love and I as we were saying good bye to Epcot.


Enjoying day 3 at Hollywood Studios, or as I like to call it MGM (for those who are old school).

My two loves while waiting for Rock ‘n’ Roll Coaster Starting Aerosmith and behind them The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror .

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror motion picture we are on the front left. This ride brings so much memories and laughs (I have heard they will be closing that ride, so sad)

I can’t recall which ride this was … lol

We are huge Star Wars geeks, so you know we had to take a pictures Kylo Ren while using the force.

I can’t take the blame … so THE DARK SIDE MADE ME DO IT … lol.

… and of course a picture with the one and only Chewbacca.

but wait first let me take a selfie lol.

Enjoying Beauty and Beast show … It always gets to me like the first time.

Awaiting for Fantasmic.

Most definitely worh the wait.


About to enter ANIMAL KINGDOM for our 4th and last day in Disney World.

As scared as they get Cami and I while on DINOSAUR … those dinos looks to real.

While on the Kilimanjaro Safaris, we got to see a family of elephants showing away (so cute).

… a family of giraffes blocking our view of the road, but we had no rush 🙂

… and a white rhino doing his own thing among many more animals.

Us in front of the Tree of Life.

Cami posing and behind her Mountain Everest.

Mountain Everest motion picture # 1

We had to go again so here is motion picture # 2

Us enjoying ourself 🙂

Tree of Life behind us.

Yeap those two showing Animal Kingdom how it’s done.

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Disney World.

Stay Easie



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