Meet the Founder

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I’m a happy wife to an awesome and supporting man, mommy to a beautiful, smart and sweet girl and an adventures and crazy crafter 🙂 I’m 32 years young born in Colombia South America but I moved to USA when I was 2, I live in sunny South Florida with my small family. I truly enjoy sewing and crafting, I adore spending time with my family, love me a walk on the beach (good thing I live in South Florida) while preferably watching the sunset, I’m obsessed with traveling and meeting new cultures and experiences, I enjoy cooking and even more eating (favorite foods Japanese and Jamaican), I really like watching movies (action, funny and scary are my favorite categories), I would consider myself a gamer in training thanks to my hubby, exercising and self growth are huge in my life. I just started my business a little over 2 years ago and it has been a great experience I intend on becoming huge and one day very soon being able to have every woman in the world walking around with my makeup bag in their purses, every child with my pencil case in their backpacks and every travel junky with my toiletry bag in their luggage. Join me on the journey

<3 Cat Easie